Concord Orthopaedics Testimonials

At Concord Orthopaedics, we are committed to providing the highest quality of orthopaedic care available in the State of New Hampshire. An important part of that care is patient experience. Everyone at Concord Orthopaedics takes great pride in providing a positive patient experience for each of our patients each and every day. We are grateful to the following patients who have been willing to share their stories.

"Thanks For Giving Me My Life Back..."

Well, first let me say Dr. Dion is excellent at replacing knees. My right knee was limiting my life severely. Lack of mobility outside of a slow walk and pain whenever I moved my knee, which, whether I wanted to or not, was about all the time. After my surgery, I have my life back. Just celebrated my two-year anniversary. I hike; garden - including kneeling in the dirt; play a little basketball and toss the football with my grandsons; do about anything a 78-year-old man might want to do. Dr. Dion has always been friendly, a good listener, and a straight-talker. Good person and a good surgeon. He’s given me back a good life. What more can I say.

- Paul S. | March 13, 2023
"We Love it Here..."

Love all the doctors at Concord Orthopedics. You are all extremely professional and knowledgeable! My husband and I have had amazing treatment with all of you for 30+ years. Thank you so much for all that you do!

- Sue S. | March 20, 2023
"Dr. Anderson was so kind and knowledgeable..."

Dr. Anderson was great with our son after he broke his collarbone. She was thorough and made sure we understood the different treatment options. We would absolutely recommend her to family and friends! The office staff was great too, efficient and professional.

- Richard S. | March 27, 2023
"Phenomenal Doctor..."

Dr. Kurtz showed empathy and compassion in the moments when I needed exactly that. His knowledge, optimism, and care helped me make a decision about ankle surgery. Big thanks to this human, doctor, and professional who made such a traumatic journey easy and less painful, and stressful. He was there to answer every question, even silly ones. If you need a person, human with empathy but on top of that incredible doctor with a top-notch surgical knowledge he is the guy to call in. If I ever break a bone again(let’s hope that’s not the case), I know he is going to be my first choice cause his approach is unique when it comes to the patient-doctor relationship. Thanks, Dr. Kurtz!

- Berina R. | February 27, 2022
"Could not have gone any better..."

The spinal fusion that I underwent with Dr. Brummett could not have gone any better. From diagnosis, scheduling, surgery, recovery, and post-op follow-up, everything was 1st rate. The surgical center is Derry was the best place for me to have this done. The staff at the Derry and Windham offices are great. I never felt nervous about this procedure at all. My recovery has been nothing short of remarkable. all symptoms are gone. This old body has a few more miles in the tank thanks to Dr. Brummett and the staff at Concord Orthopaedics.

- David W. | February 13, 2023