Concord Orthopaedics Testimonials

At Concord Orthopaedics, we are committed to providing the highest quality of orthopaedic care available in the State of New Hampshire. An important part of that care is patient experience. Everyone at Concord Orthopaedics takes great pride in providing a positive patient experience for each of our patients each and every day. We are grateful to the following patients who have been willing to share their stories.

Excellent Care!

I'm a 70-year-old grumpy old man who is extremely critical of today's healthcare system and the impersonal manner patients are treated. I was astonished by the tremendous care and support I received at Concord Orthopaedics Acute Injury Clinic. The staff I interacted with were all great, but the crown jewel of the clinic was Matthew Winick. Matt expertly and patiently worked through a challenging diagnosis of my knee issue and successfully treated it in short order. I highly recommend this practice.

- Ted P. | June 10, 2024
"Concord Ortho is fortunate to have Dr. Hagar...

I had my right knee replaced at CO on January 19, 2024. My entire experience was extremely positive. The staff was friendly, polite, and very professional. I felt like I was among people who cared about me. Dr. Hagar performed the surgery, and I can’t say enough about him. He explained everything to me and what my procedure was going to be like. It certainly made me at ease when I was apprehensive at best. As it turns out, the procedure was very successful, and I am doing very well in my recovery. I am aware that Dr. Hagar is fairly new to the staff, but in my opinion, CO is fortunate to have him. He will, no doubt, make your facility proud.

- Stephen F. | February 29, 2024
"I can't thank Dr. Anderson enough..."

I originally went in to see Dr. McEntarfer with severe left leg pain at almost 30 weeks pregnant. He did an MRI, and noticed a small slipped disc but not what was causing the pain. He saw how much pain I was in and said hold on and asked Dr. Anderson and she took my case from there. She immediately took X-rays from my hip to my knee and admitted me to Concord Hospital where I got another MRI and determined I had an abscess growing in my thigh and osteomyelitis in my femur that required surgery the following day. I dealt with being tossed back and forth between doctors for 5 weeks (they had me going to PT, a chiropractor, and an acupuncturist thinking it was a pinched nerve from pregnancy and I was in the ER at Eliot three days before I was admitted to Concord Hospital) before someone finally sat there, listened to me and said “you are being admitted to the hospital today, under my name, and we are going to figure out what is causing you so much pain.” I am forever grateful for Dr. Anderson, her professionalism, and her understanding for listening to me 30 weeks pregnant and unable to walk when literally nobody else would. She figured out what was going on and quite literally saved the life of myself and my unborn son.

- Bryanna T. | January 23, 2024
"I am a week away from three months after my Total knee replacement by Dr. Dion..."

I am a week away from three months after my Total knee replacement by Dr. Dion. I am SO happy that I did this! I am able to do things now that I haven’t been able to in decades without pain. I actually went to a wedding yesterday and DANCED, a lot, without pain during, after, or now the day after. I know there will be more progress in the days ahead. The whole process was Great! With a great surgeon and great Physical therapy after that helps to push through the pain of healing toward a functioning knee, there are not enough words.

- Marsha S. | January 16, 2024
"I am thrilled to share my exceptional experience with Dr. Kristen Stupay..."

I am thrilled to share my exceptional experience with Dr. Kristen Stupay, an extraordinarily gifted orthopaedic foot and ankle surgeon. From the moment I stepped into her office, I knew I was in the hands of a true professional who genuinely cares about her patients' well-being.

Dr. Stupay's expertise is unparalleled. Her vast knowledge of foot anatomy, surgical techniques, and the latest advancements in the field is truly impressive. She took the time to thoroughly explain my condition, the recommended treatment options, and the potential outcomes, making sure I was well-informed and confident in my decision. Throughout the entire process, Dr. Stupay demonstrated unwavering precision and skill. Her surgical proficiency was evident in every step, from the initial diagnosis to the surgery itself. I felt reassured knowing that I was under the care of a surgeon with an impeccable track record and a genuine passion for her specialty.

What truly sets Dr. Stupay apart, though, is her compassionate and empathetic approach to patient care. She took the time to listen to my concerns, answer my questions, and address any anxieties I had. Her genuine concern for my well-being extended beyond the operating room, and she was actively involved in my post-operative recovery, ensuring that I healed properly and comfortably.

Dr. Stupay's collaboration with Concord Orthopaedics exemplified the seamless integration of expertise and teamwork. The coordination between her and the staff was exceptional, creating a cohesive approach to my treatment that left me feeling confident and secure in my decision. I cannot express enough gratitude for Dr. Stupay's dedication to her patients. Thanks to her surgical prowess and personalized care, my foot has healed beautifully, and I am now able to enjoy life without the limitations I once faced.

I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Kristen Stupay to anyone in need of a foot and ankle surgeon. Her exceptional skills, combined with her compassionate nature, make her an absolute gem in the medical field. If you want the best possible outcome and an extraordinary patient experience, Dr. Stupay is the one you can trust. Thank you, Dr. Stupay, for giving me a new lease on life.

- Krista P. | July 27, 2023