Orthopaedic Traumatology Conditions

Patients with acute damage to the musculoskeletal system seek treatment from Concord Orthopaedics trauma surgeons for a wide range of difficult orthopaedic conditions. These include:

  • Complex peri-articular (surrounding the joint) fractures
  • Pelvis and acetabluar fractures (Acetabular is the part of the pelvis that forms the hip joint. Acetabular trauma is damage to the socket of the hip joint but is different than a hip fracture.)
  • Post-traumatic deformity (This is a change in musculoskeletal shape or form after a trauma, injury or illness.)
  • Fracture non-unions and mal-unions (Non-unions refer to the failure of a fractured bone to heal normally and mal-unions are bones that heal in a bad position.)
  • Infections (Bacterial infections are a common source of musculoskeletal abnormalities.)
  • Open fractures (Most of these severe injuries to the bone are emergencies. If the fracture penetrates skin, there is high risk of infection.)
  • Fragility fractures (These fractures are due to osteoporosis and pathological fractures as a result of abnormalities of the bone, e.g. bone softening or cancer.)

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