Concord Orthopaedics Services

Specialized orthopaedic care along with exceptional patient experience is the standard at Concord Orthopaedics. Our group of highly skilled and talented physicians concentrate in specific areas of orthopaedics. Each of our physicians concentrates in his or her area of interest, developing skills and experience that would not otherwise be possible. In addition, we have more than one physician in most specialties, allowing our physicians to seek the opinions of additional experts within our practice. There is no substitute for this kind of focus and experience.

Our orthopaedic specialties include:

In order to serve you better in the diagnosis and treatment of your orthopaedic condition, we offer the following on-site diagnostic services:

Orthopaedic Surgery Centers

Concord Orthopaedics has two conveniently located Orthopaedic Surgery Centers, one in Concord and a second in Derry. These ambulatory ("day") surgery centers are solely dedicated to orthopaedic care and provide our patients with access to surgical and spinal injection procedures.