Orthopaedic Traumatology

What is Orthopaedic Traumatology? Orthopaedic Traumatology refers to the orthopaedic care of patients with difficult or complex fractures, non-unions (the failure of a fractured bone to heal normally) and mal-unions (incomplete healing or healing in a bad position). Orthopaedic trauma is a severe injury to part of the musculoskeletal system such as a bone, joint or ligament. Leading causes of orthopaedic trauma include vehicular and industrial accidents, slips, falls or sports injuries.


People of all ages can be affected by a traumatic injury. These injuries can be complex to treat and may involve multiple parts of the body. Our surgeons, who are specially trained in orthopaedic trauma, can quickly and accurately establish a diagnosis and initiate treatment to maximize function.

In traumatic situations, decisions are made quickly. Surgeons rely on their knowledge, training, and experience to choose the appropriate course of treatment. When your bones do not heal as expected, you can be assured our surgeons have experience in handling your potentially complex and sometimes life-threatening situation.


Concord Orthopaedic trauma surgeons receive emergency patients at the Concord Hospital Jim & Marianne Cook Emergency Department which is an American College of Surgeons certified Level III Trauma Center 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Although most traumatic injuries are non-fatal or life-threatening, they have the potential to create long-term and permanent disability. The quicker a diagnosis and a recovery treatment plan can be implemented, the faster a patient can recover. Orthopaedic trauma management differs from treatment of less complicated or isolated fractures as surgery is often required. Preventative actions can minimize trauma injuries incurred as a result of slips, falls or sports injuries.

To learn more about orthopaedic care, we encourage you to search our patient education section. You’ll find literature aimed at helping you understand your orthopaedic injuries, conditions, and treatment options.


  • Each year trauma accounts for 42 million emergency department visits and 2 million hospital admissions across the nation. (Source: CDC, updated April 2012)
  • #1 for age group 1-44, or 47% of all deaths in this age range; #3 leading cause of death overall, across all age groups (Source; CDD, updated April 2012)
  • The financial cost of injuries is estimated at more than $224 billion annually. (Source: State of New Hampshire Trauma System Plan 2010)

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