Sponsorship Request Guidelines


Concord Orthopaedics is committed to improving the lives of the communities we serve. Part of being a good community partner is contributing to charitable care and services. If you would like your event or program to be considered, here are some general guidelines. Please know, due to the number of requests Concord Orthopaedics receives annually, not all requests can be filled. Prior to submitting a request, the applying organization should review these guidelines to ensure the request meets the qualifying criteria.

It is best to have requests in at least two to three months prior to the anticipated event or activity. This allows ample time to ensure all details are handled in a timely manner.

Concord Orthopaedics uses the following sponsorship criteria to evaluate requests:

  • The applying organization’s request should be a program that reaches a community served by Concord Orthopaedics.
  • The program or request should promote health education and have strong ties to a health related initiative.

The following programs or requests will not be considered:

  • Requests from for-profit organizations with no ties to charitable acts or activities
  • Personal causes
  • Political organizations

Your request should include the following:

  • Brief introductory letter outlining nature of the request as well as a brief description of previous successes of the program or event.
  • Organization or event details including date, location, time and specifics of request (for example, levels of request)
  • If the program includes an ad placement please send along ad specifications.
    Sponsorships are reviewed on an on-going basis. Approved funds are usually dispensed within 30 days of approval. You may submit your request online by contacting Talia LeBlanc, and submit it at least two months prior to your organization’s event deadline. Please include any additional details in an accompanying letter or email. Please mail or email requests to:
    Talia LeBlanc
    Concord Orthopaedics
    264 Pleasant Street
    Concord, NH 03301